Research & Study

Research and Study

Community Self Reliance Centre (CSRC) has been actively engaged in research on land rights issues and strongly believes in having rigorous, thorough and evidence backed knowledge on the issues it works on. Over the years,  we have published dozens of reports, bulletins, periodicals and books that have continued to inform important work in the land rights and agrarian movement in Nepal. We believe that research is a great medium to reach out and engage with the community and draw evidences for advocacy and campaigning. One of the major commitments of CSRC for the new strategic period (July 2014-June 2019) is to strengthen CSRC as a well-governed civil society organization and to develop it as a leading knowledge and resource base for social movements. The key actions to bring this into implementation are through research and studies and publication of resource and knowledge materials. Our publications have been listed in detail in the media section of the website.