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A Bud Blossoming in Sagarnath

Sagarnath area of Sarlahi district had thick forest before 2005. Gradually, the forest smugglers cleared the forest and sold the trees inside and outside of Nepal. Many people who were living along the bank of the rivers of Makawanpur, Sindhuli, Parsa and other districts came to live inside the area. They cultivated land and grew food crops. They also constructed small huts near the cultivable land. When the landless people started living in the area, the Government of Nepal provided the area to Asian Development Bank (ADB) to plant trees for 30 years. ADB started working through the


My new house has given me a new Identity

Januka Thapa Magar, 41 is a permanent resident of Uttargaya Rural Municipality ward no 4, Pairebesi. Born in neighboring district Nuwakot, She was married in a small age due to her family impoverished status. Although, Magar has a huge family of 9 members her limited land only produces food enough to her family for 6 months. The downpour followed by the devastating landslide on 6th August 2017 resulted in Magar and 71 families of Pairebesi becoming displaced from their ancestral land.

Januka shares "The 6 ropani[i]


Ownership is mine, now I am not landless

Som Maya Bhandari of Helambu Rural Municipality ward no 2, kiul is a stereo typical example of women being a mere object of patriarchal society. She and her family of 5 were amply affected by the quake her mother in law was deceased in the disaster. Her husband being an alcoholic all the families responsibility came on the shoulders of bhandari. Quake had affected their income as well. Trouble was increasing in alarming rate. Regular skirmishes in home resulted in her children bunking school on regular basis. Bhandari adds "If it wasn't for my children I would long left the house,


Distress of land being sold without my consent is over

Konu kumari karki and her family of 5 are one of the typical examples of rural families of Nepal. Like other's Kumari family was also affected by massive earthquake of 2015. Konu shares "Our ward was worst hit by quake. Death toll was highest in our area. Few days were spent in despair and empty stomach. Tarpaulin was shelter for 3 houses during that period. As relief from agencies and government arrived we upgraded to transitional shelter of our own"

Farmers of Helambu rural municipality ward 7; Ichok had horrendous sufferings from quake. Konu also being one of


My Journey from Victim to Social Leader

I am Patali Thami. I was born in a poor family in small village of Sindhupalchok district and was deprived of having basic rights including right to food. Although I was keen to study at school but my parents could not send me school due to the poverty. I was compelled to work with land owners' farms as a wage labor. I used to get Rs 400 as return to my labor. However, the amount remained insufficient to run my family members. So my father used to work as a mason in the village. One day my mother went to district headquarters to busy some necessary household materials. However, she d


Landless Minor Acquired Land Rights Certificate

Santosh Nagarkoti of Helambu Rural Municipality ward no 2 , Kiul became an orphan at a very small age after his farther untimely died in 2006 and his mother got second marriage. Santosh took all the responsibilities such as her education, health, care and others of his small sister. He shared "At age of 7 I had whole responsibilities of my sister including I had to do household chores. But no one was ready to provide jobs to us in our home town. For my sister's future I decided to work in Chowmein factory in Kathmandu with steady income and good family life was slowly starting to co


Landless Flood Victims Ensure Access to Land

There was a village of 33 landless households in Guleriya municipality-4 of Bardiya district. The landless people had been living there since 1987. The land where they were living remained unregistered and belonged to government. The landless farmers were struggling to get land rights certificate for long. However, due to the apathy of government's officials they were deprived of having access to land. Meanwhile, the DLR, Bardiya formed a village level land rights forum (VLRF) in 2006. Since then the VLRF had been continuously working for claiming their access to land through collect

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