Strategic Plan

Strategic plan ( July 2014- June 2019)
CSRC's second strategic plan will run from July 2014 through June 2019. This strategic plan will be the basic guide for CSRC to conceptualize results, milestones, devise effective strategic approaches, articulates theory of change and critical pathway of achieving desired changes and governance of CSRC in line with the way forward. The new plan encompasses four major commitments which are as follows

Commitment 1: Organize and mobilize land-poor farmers enabling them in claiming and exercising land and agrarian rights with improved livelihoods.

Key strategies to achieve this strategy include; i) Strengthening organizational capacity of NLRF and its local bodies/partners/units; ii) Enhance food security and livelihood needs of land-poor farmers; and iii) Promote non-violence movement and people-led campaigns.

Commitment 2: Advance pro land-poor farmers land and agrarian rights policies and governance.

Key strategies to achieve this strategy include; i) Focused and coordinated movements complemented by concerted advocacy efforts; ii) Strengthening collaborative alliances with civil society organizations promoting human rights and facilitating movements for social justice; and iii) Working with policy think tanks and academicians.

Commitment 3: Reduce gender inequalities strengthening women’s right to land

 Key strategies to achieve this strategy include; i) Enhancing women's leadership; ii) Developing women-led cooperatives and enterprises; and iii) Expanding women's land ownership campaigns with different stakeholders.

Commitment 4: Strengthen CSRC as a well-governed civil society organization and leading knowledge and resource base for social movements.

Key strategies to achieve this strategy include; i) Diversifying funds mobilization and partnerships; ii) Standardizing policies, systems and compliance; and iii) Generating, documenting and disseminating lessons.

Each commitment is guided by a set of key result targets, key actions and strategies.