National Engagement Strategy

The overall objective of the National Engagement Strategy (NES)  is to design an issue and consensus based document in order to create a unified national platform for all land-related initiatives and activities in Nepal. Therefore, the specific objectives are to:

(i) Develop a framework for assessing the status of land issues and planning for future activities,
(ii) Provide a comprehensive review of the current situation of land reforms and areas that need more attention and action
(iii)Share findings and discuss at multi-stakeholders’ workshop and identify key actors in putting the national plan to action

Methodology implemented for the strategy
The methodology was initiated with a series of discussions between and among the International Land Coalition  (ILC) members and came to the agreement to make a draft of the paper for facilitating and informing the debates prior to the NES formulation workshop.

Such a paper was developed through joint efforts of the ILC members addressing and answering each of the broad issues conceptualized in the terms of reference/guidelines.

With full support and input of the ILC Asia Secretariat, the ILC members were fully responsible for developing the draft framework for the scoping paper based on the review of relevant and related literature and gathering secondary data from different sources and conducting interviews with CSO partners  primarily ILC members  and other key government agencies and the private sector.

Similarly, according to the themajor NES activity, Community Mobilisation and Campaign is about educating and enabling tenant farmers to claim their land rights and policy change. Similarly, another activity including CSO land reform monitoring is to monitor the status of land reform and analyse by using national indicators developed by CSO.

With first draft of the paper, a roundtable discussion among the ILC members and some CSOs and land scholars was organized prior to the discussion in the workshop. Comments and feedbacks were taken and updated accordingly to discuss in a wide gathering through a workshop. Subsequently, a two day ILC NES workshop was organized on April 20-21, 2012 in Kathmandu where over 50 participants from government, CSO, I/NGO, academic institutions and scholars were invited. National Engagement Strategy (NES) – Nepal Workshop of the International Land Coalition-ILC was held on 19 to 20 April, 2012. The workshop primarily aimed to engage strategic actors and partners of civil society, IGOs and Government representatives to come out with an engagement plan and strategy towards effective policy advocacy for meaningful changes in land governance, ensuring justice and people’s participation at various levels in the governance process. The scoping paper has been developed for the NES formulation workshop,  basically with the aim of facilitating and informing the debates ongoing with regard to current situation of land reform.