Major Landright Movements

Fourth National Conference of NLRF organized

The fourth national conference of NLRF was conducted during 22-24 February 2015, demanding the assurance of food, housing and land rights of land deprived farmers in the new constitution.The conference prepared Kanchanpur Declaration to fulfill the given responsibility by newly elected members for the next three years. Mr. Lyam Bahadur Darji was selected as the chairperson of the forum along with 31 central committee members for the next three years.

Third national women's conference held

The third national women's conference was held at Thimura, Chitwan on 17th- 18th Mangsir, 2071 with the slogan 'Land ownership for women farmers' identity and self esteem'.The major objective of the conference was to establish it as a platform to raise voice against the injustice and discrimination prevailing against women.

Haliya Gathering (Dialogue on Rehabilitation and Freedom of Haliya),Regional Land gathering (Mass Gathering and demonstration)

.The Haliyas have been legally announced as Freed Haliyas, since 4 years however they were still compelled to work as Haliyas. Thus, the Haliyas of Baitadi organized a rally and held dialogue with concerned stakeholders at Sahilek, headquarter of Baitadi demanding for their rehabilitation and specific provision of Housing and Agricultural Land not being limited with provision of facilities and relief packages. Haliyas have been more organized and their demand has been clearly put forth into debate and discussion. Regional Land gathering (Mass Gathering and demonstration) was held from eastern to western region in the leadership of NLRF. With the continuous pressure and massive mobilization of landless people, the ministry of land reform and management submitted the 13 point action plan in the cabinet. As a result, the collection of data of total land, landless, tenants and farmers nationwide has been approved and exerted in practice.

The Second National Conference of Women farmers held

The Second National Conference of Women Farmers was held in joint conjuction with National Land Rights Forum (NLRF) and Community Self-reliance Center (CSRC). The Second National Conference of Women Farmers was successful in raising the voice of land-poor and women farmers in the domain of ensuring equal land rights. The conference further talked about women's issues with focused discussion on 'Women's Land Ownership and Identity' and by announcing the action point for the substantial expansion of campaign.

Regional Tenant Conference held

A Regional Tenant Conference was held in eastern and western region of the country in the leadership of NLRF. There was participation of thousands of tenant farmers from various districts. This campaign has not only put forward the demands of tenant farmers, but has also declared their clear role and commitment. Moreover, practical alternative had been put forward to solve the problems of tenants.

National Mobilization for “Ensuring Land Rights in Constitution”

Frontline leaders of NLRF gathered in the capital from 50 districts and organised a national level campaign demanding to “Ensure Land Rights in Constitution”.The campaign was followed by wall painting, district level rallies and assemblies, placing the banners in surrounding major cities, submitting letters to, as well interaction and policy dialogue with Constituent Assembly (CA) members. Through the campaign, the proper management of the land reform process; compensation payments to those who hold land above the agreed ceiling; and providing land for those who till on the land were the issues raised critically.

National Movement for Timely Constitution and Land Reform

More than one thousand women front line leaders and hundred male farmers from 50 districts participated in the national movement for timely constitution and land reform. This historic event saw working women raising their concerns directly with members of the various political parties. As a result of an agreement made after this action, ministries of council have elected to publicize the report of High Level Scientific Land Reform Commission (HLSLRC).

Farmers' campaign organized

Farmers Awakening Campaign was organized in Kailali, Kanchanpur, Baitadi and Dadeldhura district. A sit in program was also organized by farmers of Rupandehi, Kapilvastu and Nawalparasi in-front of the Revenue Office. Similarly, a seven days Land Rights Awareness Yatra in Bara, Sarlahi, Mahottari and Dhanusha districts was organized followed by 'Jagaran Yatra' in Siraha and Saptari.